Wound care, surgical gowns and drapes, incise drapes and adhesive tapes for medical product assembly.


Laminating adhesive films and masking films for printed circuit board and chip manufacturing.

General Industrial

Adhesive transfer films and mounting tapes adhere to a wide variety of substances and find uses in Automotive, Aerospace and Telecommunications applications.


Transdermal drug delivery components.


Tapes delivering vitamins, emollients, herbal extracts or other skin care cosmetics.


Breathable films for sporting apparel.

& Services

Custom Coating & Laminating

Medco coats, laminates and slits a wide variety of film, paper,
foam, foil, cloth and nonwoven webs for medical and industrial
applications. Medco offers 100% covered and pattern coat capabilities using
solvent-based adhesives. Our pressure-sensitive and heat activated adhesive technologies are widely used in both medical and industrial products.

Product Research & Development

Medco’s contract laboratory services provide you with the ultimate in coatings
and polymer technology. Our chemists are eager to assist with your materials
selection, qualification or formulation. We’ll work hard to develop materials that
meet your performance specifications, for all types of end-use applications
and environmental conditions.

Manufacturing Process Development

Medco encounters many wonderful product prototypes from companies that do
not have the resources to design a manufacturing system for their product. Our
process engineers will scale-up your concept from R&D to trial quantities to high
volume production with Medco’s highly sophisticated manufacturing equipment.
Our goal is always to meet your cost, volume and quality objectives.

Contract Manufacturing & Toll Coating

Let Medco manufacture your products for you. We have the capability to process
your proprietary solvent solutions. Medco does extensive contract
manufacturing for companies where our equipment and expertise complements
their own. Without the burdens of manufacturing, our customers can concentrate
on all the other aspects of their business. Medco will meet your cost, volume and
quality requirements.